John Quayle

Operations Specialist

When someone says the phrase “business operations”, what is the first thing that you think of?

Is it sales, finances, or even human resources? What about business plans, system processes, and company culture?

In today’s business world, the details surrounding what an operations person does is still as mysterious as ever. However, it doesn’t have to be.

My name is John and I focus on building businesses from scratch through the art & science of operations. After spending years of helping national / international companies with branding & marketing, I moved into the field of operations & fell in love with being a behind the scenes problem solver.

I specifically focus on helping entrepreneurs take their ideas and turn them into sustainable businesses. In many cases, I meet a lot of individuals that have fantastic ideas, but need help with the execution of those ideas. With clients, I iron out many of the critical areas which can include - product / service development, business development, finance management, team building & hiring, and communications.

In my previous experiences, I’ve worked across many different industries such as economic development, venture capital, entertainment, and finance. When I’m away from the office, you can find me running long distances, getting lost in a good business systems book, nerding out over accounting documents, or trying to attend as many NHL games as I can across the country.